Yuri Oberon


Yuri Oberon

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1.85m / 6’0.5″


67kg / 148lbs

Sexual Position

Top Vers Switch


Verse/Top, breeding a tight hole, dominating a sub, toys, bondage, pretty much anything that gets me to bust a nut.

Sex Aspirations

I’m a creative person, so I’m always looking for different things and all the deep desires we have in our mind. I’m into circles jerks, body worship, ass worship, being worshiped, skinny white guys, sometimes just looking and smoking, glory holes, sexclubs, crusing areas, outdoor play spots, group sex, lick holes, lick holes, lick holes, lick holes. Also, love to be in the master position. Until of course when I’m bottoming. I enjoy sex with and without penetration. I’m also gender fluent in my sexual desires. So, you have a lot of other things to discover in and about me! XD

About Me

I’m Brazilian and a black male cis pansexual. I don’t usually stick to the limits of my gender. However, I tend to have more proximity and affection for male images. Regarding orgasm seeking, I feel horny for all matters involving masturbation and cock worship. I seeking pleasure in the whole body, both for me and my sex partner. I love having devotees at my feet who are prepared to serve my sex appetite and worship my body and thick meat.

I will use my partner’s holes in a slow and deep way until the end of any sexual appetite. Of course, as a gentleman I will always pay the utmost attention to giving pleasure and feeling the pleasure of my partner. Only in this way do I feel complete in cumming. Don’t think because I’m usually is a top in my sessions that I wouldn’t make a good bottom. Anyone who manages to awaken this side of me will have to deal with enormous energy and hunger. Because I am always hungry and wanting to switch positions.

I crave eating ass. I will always be prepared to stick my tongue deep into your open hole after getting fucked. I also really enjoy being dominated by women.

The non amorous part of me includes movies, cartoons, anime, music, science fiction, art, photography, multimedia, advertising, marketing, travel, cafes, gastronomy, evolution, self-knowledge, magic, and culture will be subjects in which I nurture interest in and love to talk about.


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