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This dude had never gotten head from another dude before. but he had been following my sex adventures for a long time. So I guess he finally contacts me and says 

“Yo I’m not really into dudes but I’ve been wanting you to suck my dick for years. And im not even into head like that. But my nigga you make my dick bricked as fuck every time I see u slurpin”

Mind you I get tons of messages and I just happen to open this one up. We get to talking and I realize this dude is pretty hot. So I tell him ill suck his dick if he lets you guys watch . This did take some talking into but he agreed as long as I would do it “discreetly” lol. So I did it as discreetly as I could . Now he mentions to me that he’s never been able to nut from head. And of course I don’t take it seriously because……..well everyone I suck busts a nut lol. But apparently he was not joking. Because I sucked this dudes dick forever and then Xander also sucked his dick that night….Nothing. He was in ecstasy the entire time though! And this dudes dick is beautiful so I was up to the challenge! have any other dudes ever encountered someone like this? Because I totally think he was holding his nut just so he could see how long id go!


Rogan Hardy, Xander Hardy

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