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So i met this dude Brad at a rest stop of all places lol. We were both on the road traveling. I was on my way home and he was just being a gypsy. Anyway, I found him on grindr while i was sitting at the rest area and noticed he was only feet away! he sent a pic of this big beautiful dick and told me to meet him in the restroom. When i got there he was waiting at the stall stroking this big perfect white dick. so i followed him in and i had to put it in my mouth! i found out he was hitch hiking so i convinced him to come back with me. And of course i had to introduce him to some of my other hung white buds. He couldn’t keep his dick outa my holes. So i invited Tristan over to come use my ass with him! Cant wait to show you guys everything you are gonna love his dick! 😛


Tristan Hardy, Rogan Hardy, Brad Hardy

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