Those DL Dudes

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 So DL dudes are confusing but fun to mouthfuck. I often find that those macho dudes really just wanna be roughed up. This is a little Latino shorty who loves big dick. And he’s shy but always wanted a facial. So we gave him one. You can see how excited he was. I told him if he wanted our nut on his face he had to let us share it with you guys.  I mean after all he said he was a big fan. He definitely proved himself. What do you guys think? 

He was pretty shy at first till we decided to just cover his eyes. He doesn’t really need to see to suck dick. Once he wasn’t paying so much attention to the camera he opened right up. Its amazing how that works right? Now the only thing he can focus on is how our dicks tase and how hard and wet they felt. His mouth got so wet as soon as he was blindfolded. Then suddenly he got mouthy. You guys know how much I love a verbal dude. 


Rogan Hardy, Xander Hardy

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