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Some dudes love to get roughed up! And this twink is definitely one of those dudes! Ive gotten quite a few requests for this video! Many of you couldn’t find it on the OF. But no worries its right here for you to see! Xander and I found this dude on grindr! He was really eager to be used hard by two dudes. His cute face was so eager for big dick we couldn’t help but give him what he wanted! Twinks that love to be used and coated are some of our favorites! And if you like watching willing twinks submit to big dicks then this may be one of your new favorites too. The only thing I regret about this hookup is the fact we couldn’t dick him down. He said he wasn’t quite ready for that yet.

Maybe next time he won’t be so afraid to sit on them. Maybe we can work him up to taking 2 dicks at once!😈


Rogan Hardy,Xander Hardy

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