About HarlemHookups

Beginning in the East Harlem neighborhood of NYC, HarlemHookups has brought a swath of fans from the fringes of our complex community. HH brings a platform that celebrates a shared interest of interracial hookups that breakdown the stereotypes of the gay community.

Men of color are typically seen as the dominant figure in the pornographic world. HarlemHookups embraces the true sexual nature of people as themselves and the raw, uninhibited, intimate sexual experiences commercial porn often fails to provide. HH provides a space showing real encounters that many can relate to.

It is our hope here at HarlemHookups to create an environment that not only celebrates the natural male physique we all crave, but also open a dialogue for continued collaboration and fun from all walks of life.

We are anticipating on revolutionizing the way that the gay community sees interracial hookups in the grand scheme of things. The content that we will create here at HarlemHookups will not just be through means of videography. Illustrated and literary art are also means of expressing the self sexually too.

The only thing we ask of our fans at HH is to enjoy the human sexual experience and the hot scenes that we create.

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